Asia Research Institute


This is a website that compiles opening and closing information of stores in Japan. As an experiment, I created a program to collect the data. You can easily browse store data on a map, categorized by opening month and year, using Tableau. If you're interested, please contact Mr. Kimura using the inquiry form.
Shift JIS(日本語の文字コード)でも可能になりました。
We have been receiving requests for data provision in Shift JIS from multiple customers. Starting from July 2023, we will be able to provide data in either the regular UTF8 format or Shift JIS format. Thank you and we appreciate your cooperation.
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The other day, we received an advice from a customer that "there is little medical-related data." While browsing the web, we found a site called "Regional Medical Information System" We thought that there was useful information, so we made a scraping program and extracted the data. We also created a simple Tableau dashboard. If you are interested in the data, please contact